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On Time Deliveries

  • Homes are built inside and protected from the elements
  • Site preparations can proceed while home is being built
  • Construction is carefully scheduled
  • No lengthy delays due to weather
  • Better ability to predict move in dates

Superior Construction Quality

  • We use highly sophisticated machinery for superior precision construction
  • Building materials are protected from the outside elements
  • Experienced and well trained production workers
  • Quality control is built into every step of construction

Environmental Features

  • Energy efficient construction for superior indoor air quality
  • Great attention to details such as air tight building envelopes
  • Less waste in factory production

Firm Prices

  • Materials are ordered before construction begins to eliminate unexpected cost over-runs
  • When construction begins you will know how much your home will cost at completion

Outstanding Choices

  • We offer a full range of homes
  • Factory designed homes can be personalized to individual preferences and building site needs
  • Plans can be adapted to suit personal plans
  • Our team will work with the customer to ensure the get exactly what they desire
  • Most plans can be modified to fit the modular home building process

Energy Efficient Homes

  • 2009 most energy efficient home (Sterling Drive Project) EnerGuide '88'
  • 2010 most energy efficient home (River Street Project) EnerGuide '90'
  • 2011 most energy efficient home (Squire Green Project) EnerGuide '93'


  • We offer one full year of warranty on materials and workmanship
  • 7 year structural warranty