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Atlantic Home Warranty

When Deanne and Barry Miller of Marriotts Cove decided to build a new home they went right to Maritime Homes. I heard they had a good reputation and a quality product, she recalls. After their first meeting, it took less than four months before they were walking into their new, finished home.

We designed our own plan, she says, then presented it to them to make sure they were able to accommodate us. They had to break it up into four sections. When people visit, they can't believe it came in four sections.

They gave us different options for flooring, countertops and cabinets - a lot of variety. Once the decisions were made, the contract signed, it was hassle free.


I'd say the cost was better than site-built. There were no hidden costs.

What you sign for is what you pay for. It's the perfect way to go.


Deanne and Barry Miller of Marriotts Cove have no regrets that they went

directly to Maritime Homes for a manufactured two-storey Cape Cod.


For further information about the exteriors or floor plans please contact the office: 

Phone: (902) 527-2510 Fax: (902) 527-2133 Toll Free: 1-888-648-4445

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